Our Saas solutions


Cockpit is a quality and effiency measurement solution (desktop, tablet or mobile) for your points of sale network . While facilitating your process management in the points of sale, Cockpit allows you, not only to implement the best practices and processes, but also to work with your POS managers on difficulties and problems even before they occures. You can build store specific action plans to improve your stores overall quality. Making your points of sales reports digital will ease the comprehension of your retail strategy and thus improve your network management productivity to lead you toward operationnal excellence.
Cockpit dashboards bring real-time stores data and global quality trends to store managers, supervisors, regional managers and COO's.
Cockpit is also used as an audit and/or "mistery shopping" tool.

A solution for each and every role

Connected to your back-end (LDAP etc.) our solution needs no extra set-up efforts and always reflects, in real-time, your organization : point of sale openings and closings, regions, area, point of sales concepts and managers etc.
Thanks to the solution back-office and its rights management your team has a total autonomy to manage and measure your sales network on as many axis as you want to.

  • daily execution
  • merchandising
  • sales operations
  • hygiene
  • maintance
  • compliance

A solution for each and every point of sale

Cockpit can manage different groups of store to automatically propose the right checklists according to each store specificities

  • store concept or size
  • services
  • areas
  • regions
  • product ranges

A solution for all distribution channels

Cockpit addresses equally chain stores or franchisees and mixed network giving voice to you store managers in order to get daily feed-back or controls on operations.

  • customer feed-back
  • sales operation feed-back
  • inventory problems
  • suggestions ...

An immediate ROI

Manage your POS network finely and take into acccount all of its specificities while benefiting from alerts on dysfunctions to gain quality and excellence in execution.
With Cockpit dashboards you can turn qualitative controls into precise metrics to make rapid analysis and benchmarks.
Connect your other analytics tools (Salesforce, BO, SAP), and measure immediatly how a better execution quality drives your sales up.


As a unique communication solution for companies organized in networks, Neurones combines all the qualities of both intranets and ESN's.
Using people profiles within your organisation as well as the way your company network is structured, (headquarters, POS/agencies, regions, types of points of sale, functions, roles...) Neurones is dynamically connected to your enterprise directories. Working as finely-targeted internal communication tool, Neurones gives the right information to the right people, in both top-down and bottom-up directions.

Thanks to Neurones, make your communication simple with your employees and send them only the content they really care about (company info, sales action plans, product news, calendars...) and avoid the "infobesity" usually observed in intranets. Neurones not only gives you the necessary tools to create information (approval workflows, wysiwyg editing tools...) but also allows you to send notifications to your employees for important and specific communications.
Connected to your EDMS (or your knowledge base) our solution brings a state-of-the-art search engine and allows you to "tag" all documents with keywords to facilitate the search, especially for people needing an immediate answer like in-store sales people. Neurones also integrates an internal poll/enquiry system and modern communication tools, chat, video... to make your internal communication simple.
Dedicated to retail companies, Neurones gives the right information to the right profiles and avoids the "mailing list syndrome": obsolete lists, no guarantee that people really receive the information, over-loaded mailboxes with non-targeted (or non-read) content.
Built for efficiency, Neurones largely improves information quality and consistency to save time and optimize the collaboration within your company.


Available on tablets, Dialog solution will help your sales people advise your customers in stores and bring them the customer experience they actually expect from top-of-the-range retail companies.
Once customers are identified, Dialog displays their profile and past purchase. Its suggestion engine allows to propose the most suitable products.
Our question engine will help you define precisely their needs and wishes and bring them the best possible advice.
All of your customers choices are saved into our profile base and/or into you central CRM in order to communicate very precisely with them afterward.
With Dialog, switch from a "product centric" communication to a "customer centric" communication.

Business cases

Solution exemples

Deployed on more than 1 500 iPads over 515 stores, Marionnaud uses Sentinelo solutions to accompany and enrich the purchase process (profiling, products recommendations, real-time inter-store inventory) together with point of sale performance and management tools (reporting, merchandizing, quality measurement...)

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Discover how to generate multi-channel traffic through mobile display campaigns. Analyzing your trading arera and combining it with the mobile user real-time location, your final customer is redirected toward your e-commerce site or toward the nearest store depending on his location. Sentinelo displays the local product catalogue with every particular detail such as products, prices, inventory and tracks every action of the purchase process.
These context-based campaigns not only use geolocation and display support affinity but also other criteria such as real-time weather, hour of the day, etc.


What they say about us

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More than their software solutions we have chosen Sentinelo as a long term innovation partner because they have great digital skills while being very agile and adaptable

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Boost your digital transformation

Our solutions

Retail management: In-store
  • In-store customer profiling/CRM for sales people
  • Merchandizing management/Store-by-store merch plans, rule engine (tablets)
  • Store quality management (quality programs management, scoring, action plans, hierarchical management)
  • Product recommandation engine
  • "mPOS" Point of sale mobile payment solution
Retail management : Out-store
  • Store quality check/mystery shopping
  • Sales people training management
  • Retail network quality measurement
Multi-channel solutions
  • Decentralized national action plans
  • Central website product ranking and performance for local store information
  • Local offers display on national/central website
  • Rule engine and context-based local offers (Best seller, weather...)
Collaborative Solutions
  • Semantic global directory (role, function , expertise)
  • Click to call & video
  • Expert Wiki
  • Knowledge base
  • E-learning and "expert" conferencing
  • Large files transfert, corp and marketing automatic cascading
Sentinelo CRM
  • Customer enriched data CRM
  • Customer Master Data Management "operations" oriented
  • Product, customer, affinity segmentation
  • Business Intelligence tools for marketing and operational marketing teams
Point of sale traffic generation
  • Apple "Plans", Google "Maps", Pages Jaunes, GPS referencing
  • In-map local products referencing
  • Geolocalized and context-based mobile "display" (products, coupons, tracking, beacon)
  • Personnalized email campaigns, geolocalized and context-based
  • Store locator + product locator on Facebook

Combine our different software solutions

With more than 30 different modules already deployed with several retailers, you can use our solutions as-is or combine several components to fit your needs. You are looking for an in-store curomer profiling solution ? We can add a CRM module that will allow you to rapidly and seamlessly segment the population you wish to send personnalized offers to. Plug a Sentinelo Media module to it and you will immediately get a powerful retargeting tool to optimize you communication. Do not hesitate to contact us to evaluate your needs!

Our expertise

Our services

All of our solutions have been developed as autonomous modules and can be deployed as-is in your own infrastructure or as a SAAS version.
Thanks to the numerous connectors we have created you can connect them easily to your existing IT systems and build rapidly strong productivity tools without impacting your legacy system.
Besides, our teams have acquired a very strong knowledge of how to deploy mobile solutions into decentralized distribution environment with complex hierarchical levels.
In our different services categories you will find all the elements that are necessary for a successful project from its very conception to its final deployment into you organization.


Sentinelo offers ready-made and stand-alone modules. However, some of our solutions make fully sense when connected to your systems. Thanks to our connectors and data injectors our experts are able to integrate rapidly our modules into your legacy IT.


With more than 50 retail customers, our team has a comprehensive and sharp knowledge of distribution companies and their demanding production environment. Contact us and let us share with you what we feel are the best practices of the digital transformation.


Although we offer a lot of features in our modules you might need a service specific to your company. Don't worry, all of our modules are fully adaptable.


Beyond state-of-the-art solutions you will benefit our strong expertise in deploying these solutions in stores. Fast response time although incertain mobile network connection, data synchronization, mobile apps deployment, we do care about your reality on the battle field.


Our solutions are available in a SAAS mode, however if you happen to handle critical data (such as CRM data for exemple) we can install/manage these solutions into your own infrastructure.